the chips on my soldier

January 2023

Hey y’all: Sometimes we can keep things a little short and sweet. I live in a city where people are confused about firecrackers going off between…

September 2022

Hey there. Well, look at you. It’s been a minute. I hope you’re well. This one’s long. (You may just want to click on the title so it sends you to the…

January 2022

Hey you. I've got some poems. And some art. And I think most of it is pretty good.

August 2021

Hey there, This one is about aging, kind of. I was the youngest person in the room for so long, and it was more of a relief than a shock when that was…

May 2021

Hey. What’s up? Oh cool. — The other night I had a dream where I was on a submarine to Brazil. It was twenty-five years from now. I’m not sure why I…

March 2021

message 17: the big thawListen now (26 min) | Hey y'all, [First: My city is still in a really rough spot after last month’s storms. If you can, please give to Austin Mutual…

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wow we did it america a second series

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guided meditation for playing with trash